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Luc Baudin
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Luc Baudin The spirit of rock'n'roll emerges from each title. Warm and comfortable a good back to sources, for keeping the ears open. Favorite track: No Cuts.
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Self-titled debut EP by The New Wild.


released November 25, 2014

All songs recorded, mixed and mastered by Anthony Cenerini at Gateway Recording Co., in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Album design by Daniel Guezen. All songs SOCAN © The New Wild 2014.

Sean Guezen: lead vocals and guitar (2 & 4), drums (1 & 3), harmonies (2). Daniel Guezen: lead vocals and guitar (1 & 3), drums (2 & 4), harmonies (2), fire truck (2).

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The New Wild Winnipeg, Manitoba

Two brothers making a rockish racket in Winnipeg with several guitars and their father's drum set.

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Track Name: Dallas
Some of the drugs they give were never made to forgive. But if I had been somebody else, I would have let them send me to hell. I'm going to Mexico – of it, nobody will know. I'm going to buy some poison and I'm going to mix it with the medicine. When you take the bad with the good, it'll fix you like it should. You cannot consider your health if you're not ready to ruin yourself.
Track Name: No Cuts
The city drowns in black, and the lamplight floods an empty street. A beer can and a cigarette butt lay at his feet. The noble words of an old man echo through his head - now they twist and swirl, with every phrase that’s been said.

Footsteps fill the alleyway, like hammer on stone; a man of much but little fortune walking all alone. Another stands silent in the shadows as the traffic races by. Heart and stomach empty, his grip tightens ‘round the knife.

Emerging from the shadows, the knife catches a glimpse of the moon. He’s reaching for his wallet with the promise it’ll be over soon. A fumble and a struggle as the devil changes sides. Soon the metal finds its mark and plunges deep inside.

Silent as the grave, his assailant lay upon the ground. The city screams and shouts, yet he didn’t make a sound. What else could he have done? Was it wrong, was it right? A man of many fortunes, he carries on into the night.
Track Name: Wail
When I get home from work, I like to get real wild. I turn on my little amplifier and it wails like a baby child.

When I go back to work, my hunny tells me goodbye. But then she picks up my guitar, and it wails like a baby child.

One day I came home from work and caught my hunny acting wild. She took me, she kissed me, she held me down and made sounds like a baby child.

Weeks went by and my hunny came to me with a sly and wicked smile. She said, “Hunny, listen to me: I'm pregnant with your very own baby child. Your baby child, my baby child, little baby child, a wailing baby child.”

“Oh my god.”
Track Name: Play It By Fear
I feel it rising in me, feeding on my thoughts - it’s like a welcome disease. I see a set of white teeth, biting at my feet - I think he wants me to bleed.

The creature at your heels is gonna set you free. Shadows overhead, why don’t you plant the seed? And when the beast is done, I hope I’m dead and gone, I hope I’m dead wrong.

I ache for this feeling again, but I’ll wait for the fangs to sink in. Hot blood caught fire like gasoline, I think you know what I mean.

The creature at your heels is gonna set you free. Shadows overhead, why don’t you plant the seed? And when the beast is done, I hope I’m dead and gone, I hope I’m dead wrong.